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Prevention is better than cure
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'While regular maintenance may not be glamorous, it is essential and of course common sense: appropriate, regular maintenance (helps) avoid costly, wasteful and unnecessary later repairs'
HRH The Prince of Wales


Gutter ClearMaintain is collaborating with the diocese of Gloucester on a new scheme to keep churches in the Gloucestershire area in good condition.

The scheme, 'GutterClear', can be visited at

Maintain our Heritage (Maintain) was formed in 1999 to promote a new, long-term, sustainable strategy for the care of historic buildings with pre-eminence given to maintenance rather than sporadic major repair.

A shift to systematic maintenance will require a change in attitude, policy and practice in government, the construction industry, the heritage sector and historic building owners.



Bath area pilot
Bath-area pilot...


Putting it off..

Griff Rhys Jones has joined a call to arms to help save Britain’s historic architecture...

‘We are all lying in the gutters, it’s just that some of us are bothering to clear them out’.

The Times
(reporting on the launch of the Maintain report Putting It Off)